Will Steinberg show new products at IMSTA FESTA ?


Any guesses if Steinbeg is planning to introduce some new products (hardware and software) at the upcoming
IMSTA FESTA Show. Sept. 22nd, 2012 ?

Probably not. If they ever release new products at a venue like that it’ll be Musikmesse, that’s where their home is.

The next Musikmesse Show takes place on April 13, 2013


That’s quite a while from now ! 7 months away

So… Nothing new/exciting will be announced by Steinberg for the next 7 months (I doubt it) ?

Unless they will announce some new products during NAMM 2013 (which is Jan. 2013). And that’s still quite a while ahead.

to be honest Bredo the current versions work just fine under windows 8 so I doubt there’ll be any problems with windows 8 :slight_smile:


Oh… and another major show is the AES Show Oct. 27 - 29, 2012 in San Francisco


Maybe that’s when Steinberg might announce some new HW/SW products.

Cubase 7 of course! :wink: Prove me wrong, Steinberg. :mrgreen:

Or Sequel 4 … :laughing: