Will the mixer detach in Cubase 12 Pro?

I tried Pro 13 and the mixer wouldn’t detach ! I went back to 11 Pro. Will it it detach in 12 Pro ? I have 3 monitors , I like having my mixer and plugins on their own screens.

Hi! I’ve always used “detached” MixConsole on C12, but actually as long as I can remember.
In C12 you can open up to 4 MixConsole at the same time (as in C13) and place them in the screen you like.
I use workspaces, assign shortcuts, so I can recall instantly many window configurations.

Hope this helps.

I tried everything I could think of and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to detach the mixer in 13 . I even had a chat with a guy from tech support and he told me it couldn’t be detached! So I got a refund and uninstalled it.

I’m thinking of upgrading to 12

Maybe they moved the button

Hi Ron and welcome to the forums!

The mixer at the bottom (Lower Zone) of the Project Window is its own entity. Cubase doesn’t dock windows.
As @dream mentioned above, you can have up to 4 individual, windowed mix consoles displayed simultaneously. You open these from the menu “Studio”.

Oh so they did move the button. Oh well I probably will upgrade to 13 eventually. Thank you for the info.