Will the new 10.5 VSTs open in older versions?

I have had so many problems with 10.5 that I’ve decided to move back to v7 for the time being. That said, I was quite impressed with some of the newer VSTs that I got with the upgrade. However, I have been unable to load these new plugins into v7. Looking at the location of a new plugin, REVelation for example, shows the location to be:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5\VST3\Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3\Contents\x86_64-win
But this seems to be some sort of wrapped file that contains all the new plugins. Am I looking in the wrong place or has this been done deliberately to stop loading new plugins in earlier versions? If I map this location on Cubase v7 it simply doesn’t recognise or map any VSTs in that folder.
I have done a generic search on Windows for the .dll file too but nothing came up. Any help or suggestions most appreciated.


Yes, plug-in set is the bundle of all Cubase internal plug-ins. If you would use this one with other Cubase version, you would get unsupported combination. No one has never tested this. So it’s hard to guess if it will work or not.

Thanks for the reply. I have just run some experiments:

  1. Copied the Cubase 10.5 bundle and renamed it with a ‘10.5’ suffix
  2. pasted it into the Cubase 7 folder where the v7 bundle lives (it’s got the same name hence the renaming of the v10.5 version)
  3. Loaded Cubase 7
  4. Tested some plugins

Results are random it seems, which is not surprising. A new plugin, REVelation, loads and works fine.
Some other new plugins load fine but have a very basic GUI. Other new ones crash the program on loading.
Plugins that have the same name and have been updated for v10.5 (for example, ‘Distortion’) won’t recognise the new version, it still loads the old version.
I don’t expect Steinberg to make plugins backwards-complatible, that would be a ridiculous ask. But it is a shame that it hasn’t worked out. If anyone figures out a fix I would be very interested.