Will the new Mac Pro (Cylinder) be popular with DAW users ?


Do you think the new Mac Pro (Cylinder) will be popular with DAW users ? or will it be a big flop ?


Aloha M,
The Machine:
While video folks will love it
it might be overkill for many DAW users.

The Price:
How much will it cost is the question for my studio.

We are looking into the Nuage systems so
I’ll go $5-7.5 k for the 'puter but more than that probably not.

(also seriously looking at some PCs).

Wow, imagine what kind of a PC one could build (in my case) for about half of that kind of money?

I don’t think many of us (dare I say ‘us’?) would pay 5-7 grand for a DAW computer, but if you have money to burn… :wink:.


I could write for hours on this subject but i’ll keep it as short as possible and say … NO :wink:

I could write for hours on this subject but i’ll keep it as short as possible and say … NO :wink:

and if you did surely you would be a complete mug if you didn’t choose the z820 work station ( but it’s still a pc isn’t it )

No PCIe slots, so out of the question. My reply is a resounding NO!

You would have to be insane to spend that kind of money on a computer.

Or brainwashed :mrgreen: .

I don’t see it having any benefits for DAW use over a PC you can easily build for half the money.

Oh dear it’s Time to put the tin hat on ,ill just be sitting over there >>>>>> with a beer and bag of peanuts in my deck chair if anyone needs any help :laughing: :laughing:

I think curteye needs your help … with how to build a nice, tight PC ! :smiley:

BTW, you’re making me hungry and thirsty. Off to the store …

No slots. As Swamptone has pointed out. All my Mac friends are shaking their heads. Apple is harder on legacy clients than Steiny! Even newer PC motherboards are getting stupid this way too.

You are not lying here. Apple is the absolute worst I’ve seen on jerking their users around. They have so many loyal users I just assume there’s something I just don’t understand about Macs. I really like most aspects of my Ipad which is my only Apple device but no USB port is just a slap in the face to users.

Sorry don’t mean to start a Apple rant, again so many intelligent users can’t be wrong, just comfortable paying and the corp culture

A lot of video people won’t like it either, because it freezes out some important (Black Magic, NVIDIA) aftermarket video products, too. But if you are ready to embrace the new Firepro, and you have to edit 4K video, and you are charging for that video, the savings in edit time alone is well worth the $$. NO BRAINER for a working video studio with deadlines and available capital.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if the new Mac Pro Cylinder ends up in Apple’s R&D trash bin in less than a year of it’s release.

If they just had designed the new Mac Pro to be rack-mountable, with ample PCI-e slots, USB3, and TB2. I feel they would have had a winner. But they did NOT.

Come on Apple … Give me a break, This is not a laptop. why did you have to squeeze it into a small cylinder ?

Oh… and where are all the TB2 peripherals ? Seems like they are betting on a TB2 world that has not matured yet :unamused:

Maybe a few Video-Graphics Professionals will go for it, but imho. that won’t be enough to call it a successful product.

The price point is another important factor, but that is still unknown. We shall know by the end of the year.


Hmmm, Apple once again stealing ideas of others and marketing them as their own? Seems Cray Computers were the pioneers of the cylindrical computer. Of course Cray had viable reasons for their design, and it wasn’t just a fashion statement.

It makes a prettier doorstop :wink:


Wow, I remember a few things from years back…the Cray 1 and the fact that apple was the first to dump disk drives

In the case of the Apple, I don’t think the cylinder is merely a fashion statement. Apple tends to combine “cool” with functionality. In several of the articles, the Apple is quoted as using the cylindrical design as a way to maximize cooling efficiency with ONE fan source blowing through the core of the tower, saving power and making a quieter unit.

WHOOPY and all at the price of functionality , makes a good ash tray thou :wink:

Yeah, it won’t appeal to everyone, but we’ve already gone over that point, haven’t we? :smiley:

I run both apple and custom Win 8 64-bit PCs here and in my business. Both have strengths and weaknesses. For most who have never used an Apple machine for any length of time, the price is the key weakness.

Generally, if you can afford one, and you like the OS (note, I said you LIKE the OS), and you are OK with limited tweaking ability, then you don’t usually find many other weaknesses. The OS is just industrial strength UNIX in a pretty package.

On the PC side, I love building my own machines and tweaking them to my hearts content for a fraction of the cost of an Apple, but in my business, I use Apple, because the whole “ecosystem” (iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro) just works, day after day, year after year, syncing my business software wirelessly across devices, and I never spend time screwing around with anything to get it to that point. Really. :wink:

So, to reiterate a point I made in an earlier post, I believe there are video businesses that are BILLING for their work, and the time this cylinder will save them in post-production alone will pay for the initial investment in the unit(s) in a very short time. It’s all about total cost of ownership vs. value delivered. ROI.

I disagree, at some point you’re going to (‘be encouraged to’ think/feel you) need/have/want to replace one of those components - and that, with a newer version HW, OS whatever, and then you will be forced to replace the others because they are no longer compatible with each other. Been there, done that, and never again!