Will the NOTE REPEAT Function be available in the future rel

Logic has got a fantastic Note Repeat function which helps us to speed up our workflow. When Cubase has gone too far in the area of midi, making this function available shouldn’t be a problem. A long waiting feature.
If you check Logic Note repeat function, you will be amazed.
As a keyboard player, I cannot sit and draw lines with the paint brush for a long time. I want to be instantaneous and perfect.
So kindly include the Note Repeat function, please.

Use the Arpache 5 Midi effekt for Note Repeat functionality. For instance to make fast trap beat high hats or so.


Would you describe how this function works?

If memory serves, Steinberg Pro24 had this very function, way before Logic even existed.
Arpache could be a solution but not a convenient one: make it simple and bring it back.

IMO the Arpache solution works quite well. You can even directly record the Arps output on the midi track with the new Midi Inserts “Record Output To Track” function. What do you think is inconvinient about it and why is it inferior to the MPC’s note repeat function?

If you have a specific FR then you should formulate it and explain exactly what you want. It does not make sense to scream “Note Repeat” if some people in this forum are asking what this actually means and what it is.

Be precise, specific and detailed with your FR’s and spend much more space describing the problem and if at all just a few sentences on the solution.


Who’s screaming? (I’m assuming you’re talking to me).
I just made my point based on the fact that a function which long ago was there now there’s no more. Period.
Be precise, specific and detailed about what?
If you don’t get the difference between inserting a MIDI fx, setting it and using it on a track compared to a right mouse click directly in the note editor, then the problem lies not in detailing a FR but rather in the meaning we give to the word “convenient”.
Effective? Yes. Convenient? Not.
Is that simple (not that I wish to discuss semantic here).

So this FR is about right clicking on a note in the key editor and then choosing how often it repeats?
You can just select a note and then press control+d a couple of times to repeat it.
You can also select a note and press control+k and enter numericly how often the note should be repeated.


Could you send us a video of what function you actually mean?


The name of the feature certainly is not very descriptive.

Here is a description of the feature:
Logic has, in the toolbar, or via key command, the ability to instantiate a midi arpeggiator, whose default specialty is to repeat a single note for as long as you hold down a keyboard key. The repeat rate is set in a dialog that pops up.

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Is the following alternative method too “inconvenient”? :wink:

  1. Draw the note to the desired length in the Key Editor (or In-Place Editor)
  2. Make sure it is selected
  3. Alt+click with the scissors tool at the first desired cut point (preferably, with “Snap” enabled, but not if you don’t wish :wink: ).
    That single note is now repeated (at the length of that first cut) until it reaches the end of the note

ok i will give away a secret i use a lot for trap tunes - step designer - you can go 16th note to 32, mess around till you get what you want.

Very “effective” :smiley:

Groove Agent 4 (full version at 150$) has the note repeat function.
Yep, it’s a pretty pricey feature if you don’t like using the Arpache 5 midi inserts.

Problem 1) On the playback, I cannot disable Arpache and try some thing different. So the plugin cannot be removed if you still want that effect.
Problem 2) If I want to control the note division on left hand and Note repeat on the right hand to create a complex beat in no matter of time it will not be possible. in Arpache, you cannot control the note division playback on the go( while playing.

Note repeat is a independent feature. Behave like an arppegiator on the recording and stand by mode. After you record the notes on one division, you can change on the second go and so on in a loop mode.
How is that!!!

I have read all your replies and thanks for that. The previous reply should make sense of what I say.
When I say note repeat, I never meant CMD+D or CMD+K key commannds. I know the scissiors trick with alt or option too way back. Note repeat function lets you record in any musical division with super perfect precision while playback and recording which allow a performer to think what should repeat exactly at which place with what time division. All these things happen in a split of a second. Now anyone can be perfect with dynamics, timing, without learning keyboard and make very very complex beat that records in midi!!! I mean in gets printed inside matrix editor(Piano roll).
No other methods would allow you to do this fast.
You travel on all musical division on one hand and repeat the notes on the other hand. You will come accross a beat that no one would ever imagined. Why not even that you would’t have imagined!!!
The same function has a spot erase to delete notes in the same division to delete the notes while playback.
It has much more than what I have explained above. Probably Steinberg should study this feature from logic and implement. As this command can be accessed only through Key command, this is not been used even by advanced users.
It was implemented only in logic X 10.1 or 10.2 I guess.

Here is a video of a possible Note Repeat Setup in Cubase:
Sorrry for the low quality of the video. If you cant see anything I can make another one with a better quality.

Note that I created one GA track and connected several midi tracks to it all with there own arp. I named the tracks after the step size setting of the arp. Not if you select all tracks you can edit all of them in the drum editor and switch seamlessly from one arp to another in the “edit active event” list.

Here is the XML Track Archive. This will give you the GA Track and the arp tracks in one setup.
To import click on “File–> Import Track Archive”
NoteRepeatSetupForGASE.zip (117 KB)

Again it is very tedious and not that simple and seamless