Will the quality of musical mode audio stay 100% if I don't change the project tempo?

I’m editing a stereo song.

My steps are:

  • Tempo Detection (the song was recorded live so this gives me lots of tempo track points with subtle differences every beat)
  • Set Definition From Tempo (the tempo track information is know embedded in the audio event)
  • Set the audio event to Musical Mode

Now, I want to create a ritardando towards the end of the song by changing the tempo track, which works great, but I wonder if the audio quality of the rest of the song, where the tempo remains unchanged, is impacted at all…

SO MY QUESTION: If I don’t change the tempo track after setting definition from tempo, is there no time-stretching going on at all (since the tempo track points and tempo definition of the musical mode audio event are the same) or is the time stretching process still trying to keep in time with the fluctuating tempo track from beat to beat, thereby impacting audio quality, albeit slightly.

Slightly theoretical question maybe, but very curious about this…

-Duplicate the track, do „bounce selection“ the duplicate track.
-Apply your steps explained above for the first track
-inverse polarity on one of the two tracks, and check if they null.
-you´ve answered your question with very little effort.