Will the Real version of Ur22 MKII Value Edition Cubase please stand up?

Just got UR22 MKII Value Edition. On the box it says now with Cubase Elements. Apparently THE difference with “Value Edition” is the inclusion of Cubase Elements, not AI, which was the Cubase version with the standard UR22 MKII.

So I installed it…

The materials (cards) that came with the UR22 give you the access codes to both Cubase AI AND Cubase Elements. I thought I would do the install for just Cubase Elements, put that code in, but the program would not run, claiming there was no access code. So I added the Cubase AI access code, then the Activation Manager showed both programs, activated, in the list. So, upon THAT activation, Cubase ran successfully, with the desktop icon being “Cubase LE AI Elements 13.” Running the program, and then clicking Help->About, it said “Cubase AI 13.”

Not “Cubase Elements 13.”

Solution: Went back into Activation Manager, DEactivated Cubase AI, then went back and started the program by double-clicking the same desktop icon, and, this time, Cubase Elements loaded. I don’t know why Cubase AI remained in this install, when they upgraded the bundle to Cubase Elements, but, the bottom line of this post is: I imagine that, for a lot of folks who got this UR22 MKII Value Edition, because of its quirk in starting it up, could very well be running Cubase AI, when they could be running Cubase Elements, which has a few more features than AI.


Hi and welcomet to the forum,

Cubase AI, LE and Elements is only one application in fact. Only the license decides, which features you have available.

Hey, thanks for the welcome- it’s been a long time. Last time I used Cubase was 19 years ago, which I believe was Cubase SX 5. Really excited about the new features in Elements 13. Back to school. :grin:

I understand about the different licensing possibilities from the same program, different features unlocked, etc. My point was that, at least in my experience installing this, when installing Cubase from this bundle, the Activation Manager will not unlock Cubase at all until you activate Cubase AI. When, at first, I activated Elements first, without activating Cubase AI, it would not run. So, going back to the Activation Manager and then activating Cubase AI (now, both AI AND Elements being activated), THEN the program ran but with only the features of AI, and, going into “About,” it called itself Cubase AI. No mention of LE or Elements. Again, Activation Manager showed both versions activated. But AI prevailed. Elements features were still locked. Only when I DEactivated AI would the program run as Cubase Elements, and then, of course, Cubase Elements features were unlocked. Weird. It ran ONLY after I activated both programs, THEN deactivated AI (leaving Elements activated and and AI deactivated), but it would not run if I tried activating Elements and not activating AI at first. So, both must be activated at first, in that order (AI, then Elements), and, upon doing so, it defaulted to AI, not Elements, and it would stay that way until I went back in to Activation Manager, after the fact, and then deactivated AI. That was my only path to successfully running it as Cubase Elements 13.

And I know that UR22 MKII Value Edition has been out a while by now, but, if anyone initially activated these apps in the sequence I did, then their Cubase Elements features are still locked, and the simplest check of that is Help>About>“About Cubase AI LE Elements,” and if it says Cubase AI, then simply go into Activation Manager, DEactivate Cubase AI (making sure that Elements IS activated), and you will now have Elements unlocked, as evidenced by going into Help>About>“About Cubase AI LE Elements,” and it will now say Cubase Elements, with no mention of AI. Nowhere in any of the materials or online is there any guidance about preventing this unintended locking of Elements features, with the default installation resulting in Cubase AI, not Elements. And all this only applies to the Value Edition of this piece of equipment.

I know, a lot of contraption in the explanation. But if I help one person who bought the Value Edition to unlock Elements, when at first they were only running AI, then it was worth the post.

Of course, the whole things could have gone that way because Mercury has been in retrograde, in which case, it’ll install without that quirk, in about three weeks. :smile: