Will the USB e-Licenser Key soon be replaced with better technology?

Hello All;
Recent upgrades to both Steinberg and Spectrasonics products, has inspired me to drag out this age old topic again for yet another flogging.
Hardware copy protection is an antiquated and expensive method to protect intellectual property, and it comes with too many points of failure - loss of keys, random, spontaneous death of a keys, corruption of the hardware, or keys literally falling to pieces due to being manufactured to the the absolute minimum specifications. (I have experienced off these issues over the years, and every time I plug or remove a key I always am prepared that it might be the last time it works. SZDT has helped, and I certainly appreciate the development of this solution to the inherent problems of keys.)

But by this point, with the universal implementation device connectivity, multi-factor authentication and personal device hash technologies make USB keys superfluous.

Spectrasonics and other creators employ key-less methods to protect their very highly coveted products. (I have not looked into whether their software has been cracked like in the old days of piracy, but if so, the company seems to thrive nonetheless.)

I look forward to the day when I can use all my Steinberg products without that old and weak link in the system. Even if it meant a corresponding price increase on poducts to cover the transition to a new platform of validation and authorization.
Thank you.
QuinB. :sunglasses:

Sorry, I didn’t see there was a thread in the Announcements Forum regarding this topic, before I made my post. :+1: