Will the video engine ever be fixed?

Is the video engine going to be dealt with in a Cubase 8 patch, or will this be another paid bugfix to 9? Video playback in C8 (Windows x64) is more or less useless; The video and the entire UI stutters constantly and causes audio dropouts. Movie format doesn’t seem to matter… DNxHD Quicktime, h.264 MP4 (even with a short GOP), nothing works smoothly. But the exact same project on the exact same machine plays perfectly in 7.5 even using the 75mbit DNxHD movie.

In this regard, C8 went in reverse… and it’s been this way going on a year now. (And FWIW, the Nuendo 7 demo doesn’t fare any better, same stuttery mess.)

Well, as i do movie soundtracks almost constantly and as i do use Cubase 8 actually, i wonder what dafuq ur sayin ?

You should probably say “Video playback in C8 (Windows x64) is more or less useless on my computer”, and “The video and the entire UI stutters constantly and causes audio dropouts on my computer”

I assume you’re not a noob and you got enough RAM, you’re disk drives are defragmented and you got the habit of not using the same drive for audio and video files, so i wonder, what’s your graphic card ?

Video is playing as expected here on Win 7 x64, 16Go Ram, Cubase 8.0.20 (still), and i got an old i7 860 @ 2.80Ghz and just a poor GTX660 TI…

I wonder if you really use DnxHD, because it’s what i use 100% and it works perfectly. BUT last time i tried h264 it behaved as bad as you describe. I can tell h264 playback doesn’t work well (at all) on Cubase 8.0.20, on my config at least, but DnxHD works well.

geez. don’t call him a noob. Every gets fed up with the software they’re using at some point. The best everyone else can do is try and help them at and not sit there typing ‘dafuq’ .

my video playback is spot on…

mine isn’t as reliable if I’m using a compressed mp4 format… but If I convert to .mov it’s fine.

Same for me.

Same for me… but not if .mov uses the wrong h.264 codec settings. The sad thing is that I just finished a session in Pro Tools 10 and the video playback was super fast and snappy… hated the session otherwise, but the video engine was so much faster.

Even when Cubase is using MOV encoded with ProRes or Dx or MotionJPEG, it’s not as fast or smooth on scrubbing… and transcoding everything that comes to the studio, and experimenting with different codecs is getting old.

If the Steinberg video engine performs exceptionally well with a specific codec, Steiny should be nice enough to release presets or a freeware utility that will transcode to that specific format. Too many people have trouble with this!

Plenty of horsepower, 6 x 2.66Ghz, 12GB of RAM with not much else running (and Cubase is touching less than 450MB on this particular project), and a fast SAS disk array on an ATTO card that does ~450MB/sec even on a bad day. Graphics card is a GTX 670 with 4GB on it.

I’m glad yours runs well, but I’m apparently not the only one experiencing this, which I checked before posting. I wish I knew why yours works and mine doesn’t. I wish Steinberg did as well.

I really am. And as I said all of this DOES run perfectly on this exact configuration… but in Cubase 7.5. Since 8, not so much, starting with the first release I when I upgraded back in January, and every patch version since. And I’m on brand new OS and C8 installs since then, even.

Out of curiosity, what version of Quicktime are you running?

Hmm… ProRes, DNxHD and MotionJPEG are all I-frame only codecs, meaning every frame is compressed as a standalone entity and thus should scrub very fast; at least for me DNxHD and ProRes keep up with me however fast or slow I drag. It’s very interactive. I can’t speak for MJPEG, haven’t tried in some time.

h.264/AVC on the other hand is a temporal-based codec where the I-frames can be spaced out quite far and the cost to decode frames in between them increases the further away you get from one. Those movies are extremely sluggish to scrub around. You can help things in the interactivity department if you keep the keyframe distance short, like no more than a second at any given framerate – less is better.