Will there be a 10.5.30 Maintenance Update?

And if so, any idea when?

I hope so. It’s been a while since the last one so let’s hope fairly soon.

Will be, as a final one, after new version is out.

Okay, so then not until mid to late November.

I’d be surprised if it comes out prior the new major release, though I really want it to happen. There are still certain things in 10.5.20 which should be fixed and they - from my point of view - could still add few little, useful things (like new color tool…just kidding about this one).
But if you look back to the years before, it normally happened that an unfinished but so-so working x.5.x version was getting the final update a while after the new major beta release was out. So I am guessing 11 will be out soon, then - if they feel it has to be done - a final 10.5.30 will be out later.

My wish was to have 10.5 further maintained for a year and wait with a new version, perhaps as a post-pandemic event…but won’t be 'cos 11 has been seen already on the horizon.

I would expect after 3 months since the previous maintenance update, one should be coming soon. But then again, who knows during this pandemic.