Will there be a Cubase 7.5.4 before Cubase 8 is released ?


Will there be a Cubase 7.5.4 update, before Cubase 8 is released ?

Yes. I think 7.5.4 will be the final release before 8. At least that was what I gathered from a support thread I was involved in about 3 weeks ago.

Thanks for the feedback.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next major version before the final 7.5 update.

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Before or after the holidays?



There are forty four “collected issues”; so triple that. :smiley: Add to that some amount of the 217 reported issues, plus a ton of minor issues only each developer knows about and fixes in his or her spare time. :laughing:

There is, and has been, a substantial pool of bug fixes for Steinberg to prioritize.

It’s hard to imagine we won’t see a minor update before they break for the holidays.

I don’t think we’ll see v8 until the new year, because the things that are likely on their plate are (hopefully) very ambitious.

Like, batch freeze/unfreeze (I hope) and maybe even Studio One style edit-ablity of frozen tracks (I really hope). I bet we see a revamp of the insert section of the mixer console, too.

And the old Windows MDI getting replaced by a lovely new docking / windowing system. That’s gotta happen soon, right.

This is all 100% speculation and wishful thinking.

I’m with pdoinne here, I think C7.5.3 is the end of the line for C7.5.

I am sincerely hoping C8 is a kinder, gentler, working-well-from-the-gate, Cubase. I tried hard to like C7 and 7.5 but took a pass. Meanwhile, kudos and thank you to all of you who have made it work - you kept Steinberg in the biz.

Trust me…7.5.4 is coming. It may come after the 8 announcement, but there is a show stopping bug (for pro studios anyway) that is in 7.5.3 that Steinberg won’t leave there. 7.5.4 is being worked on…that is from their tech department.

Now…watch them not release it…,…epic

Hello all,

I can’t name a date but I can tell you that there will definitely be a Cubase 7.5.40 version and that is with 100% certainty.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Hopefully during Nov. :slight_smile: & Cubase 8 in Dec. :mrgreen: This Year !


Hallo Thanks for the update, all the issues will be solved under OSX or we have to pay again for the bug fixing? Personally I never finished a project with C7 because is completely unstable under OSX especially with all the third parts plugs like Melodyne, and all NI Instruments Komplete Ultimate. Long time savings, and terrible issues with asio driver. Thanks for now.

Deja Vu, An almost identical discussion and points as the “When will version 8 be out” after that very Cubase relevant thread was moved to Siberia, or I mean the Steinberg Lounge. I dont get it mods, why not allow discussions like this to live here in this forum where they belong?

I personally hope there isn’t an 8 before Christmas , I hope 8 is postponed for a year and C7 receives more updates to resolve a lot of the noted Issues

Luis, Thx for the update sir. Really helps to see official people in here reading and interacting with us.


Thanks for the news Luis Dongo

I am most keen for Cubase 8 and would make all my Christmas dreams come true but technically if 7.5.4 makes the majority of forum users happy, then I am equally happy to wait because that will mean a more stable version 8.

Thanks for sharing this, Luis.

As far as I’m concerned, the longer it takes, the better.

I’m going to guess it’s the last point release before 8.

Egads, 7.5.4 is going to happen! Well, I’m happy that Steinberg is trying to fix a few more things before they sign off on C7, it’s only right. Still, I’m hoping C8 is a rocket to the moon. :sunglasses:

watch this video, new graphics cuabase cubase 7.5 or 8?