Will there be a demo of Halion 5?

Will there be a demo of Halion 5?

There will be yes, there always is of Steinberg products, it will just take a little while to be put together and tested before it is out. Just be patient.

Just wait then… :wink:

Well I got impatient and bought it!!! I’ve never used halion before so there could be quite the learning curve but from all the reviews I had to jump on it. I did the vst collection then upgrade so I could get the download. I can’t wait to start with this!!! :smiley:

You made a great choice, believe me. I bought HALion 4 before a demo was available and it was THE WISEST choice I have ever made. It has 100% replaced any other instruments and samplers I had installed in my system. I use HALion solely for all my work and it has never disappointed. While I could easier live without all the other installations I had, I literally could not live without HALion now that I have come to grips with it. It has helped my workflow tremendously and has really opened up a creative side in me that was otherwise hampered by options anxiety, with all the other stuff I had going. That was HALion 4. HALion retains 100% of its functionality and adds in so much more, it really is a fantastic piece of software and I hope you enjoy it as much as myself and many others do.

All the best and good luck!

If you need any help, I can certainly try my best to sort you out. I am no pro mind you, but I know enough to get by without issue. Let me know.

Just be patient and realize that using Halion can be like learning a DAW. There are so many options and buttons and switches and windows that it can get overwhelming fast. The best thing to do is start very simple.

For me the easiest order of attack was …

  1. Learn the main windows that open by default.
  2. Learn the audio path and how to SEE it in each of the panels
  3. Learn the difference between Layers and Zones
  4. Learn the modules one at a time (sample, synth, grain, etc…)
  5. Learn to layer … which typically requires knowing the modules and the audio path
  6. Learn the mapping editor

One you know where all of that stuff is, then you can deep dive the individual editors a lot easier and understand what will happen if you push button or turn a knob.

You can really do that in any order, but that was the logical progression for me.