Will there be a manual for Dorico?

I was wondering if Dorico will come with a user manual (written by Daniel) and, if so, if it will be as detailed as the one that came with Sibelius. Thanks in advance.

The manual has not been written by me (though I have had a reasonable amount of input into it), but has been handled by our excellent manuals team in Hamburg. Because Dorico has been changing very quickly all the way through its development, the documentation necessarily lags behind the functionality that is in the software, so the documentation will not be complete when Dorico is released next week. This is one of the main motivating factors behind hosting the documentation on the web, so that we can publish new updates to the documentation as and when further topics are completed.

You won’t find too many jokes in the Dorico documentation, though: that’s not really Steinberg’s style. If you want some of my bad jokes, you’ll have to ask me in person instead.

Aw, Daniel. If it’s not cheeky it’s not helpful. What is it with Germans and no sense of humor? =)

Well, give the price of the product, I’m really surprised and disappointed with the quality of the user guidance so far. The so short videos don’t really say much and I’m already struggling to find out ways of doing things. Not good for work flow.

Is this link the “manual” Dorico Help ? If so, I guess the manual will be one of the things being enhanced over the next few releases.