Will there be a version of Cubasis 3 that runs on IOS 14?

Just wondering, as my version closes down when I even look at it. This is on a 2020 iPad Pro. No plugins. All I’m trying to do is record a vocal track. That it does fine, but stopping it can cause it to disappear. Playing back can cause it to disappear. Trying to adjust the levels can…well you get the picture.
I thought iOS 14 was standardised, so unlike Windows etc there is only one version and one hardware platform to write for. How hard can this be to write a stable app for a closed hardware platform?
Totally let down again by Steinberg.

When I first updated to iOS 14 I couldn’t even launch Cubasis 3 without an instant crash. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app completely fixed the issue for me. This has unfortunately become a rather common fix for many demanding apps on my iPad Pro as new iOS versions come along. Just make sure your songs are backed up before trying!

Unfortunately ive done that 3 times with no improvement. Its very random though. It happens at any time other than when I’m recording. So basically touching the screen can cause it.
Thanks anyway.

Hi all,

So far we are unaware of issues, using Cubasis with iOS 14.

If you encounter problems, please provide us with step descriptions (see our bug form below) to allow us reproducing the issues.

Alongside, please check if the following steps help to immediately resolve the issues:

  • Load an empty project
  • Close all running apps, including Cubasis
  • Fully shut down the iOS device

Are you able to encounter the issues, once restarting the iOS device and Cubasis?

Best wishes,

Bug Reporting Form

1. Summary/Title
(Provide a short but descriptive sentence that summaries the issue or feature request)

2. Description
(Provide a detailed description and list the step by step process to reproduce the issue to help the team to understand and reproduce the problem)

3. Expected Results
(Describe what you expected to see)

4. Actual Results
(Describe what you actually saw)

5. Environment
(Count the hardware and software including version numbers being used)

Thanks Lars.
I appreciate all the above could help, but its a lot of work to expect users to do, especially those not on a beta program.
Opening a new, empty project is not going to help with a fully loaded working project.
The crashes were random, so i have no idea exactly what i did to cause it. Crashed when i turned track monitor on, crashed when i hit stop after recording, crashed when i hit playback, crashed when i raised the fader, not always, not repeatable, if it was i would tell you.
I got through the session so all the above did work in the end, but after multiple crashes it took longer than it should. I cant say it’s when i do a certain thing, as what caused the crash the first time wouldn’t necessarily cause it to happen again.

In the heat of trying to be productive and struggling to get finished the last thing I’m going to do is write a report and put my session on hold while i mess about.

Hi @Davebass5, Hi @Tovokas,

Please share your crash report with me, to allow our engineers further evaluating the problem.

To locate and email crash reports for iOS , iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps :

  1. Open the Analytics & Improvements section of Settings (Settings/Privacy) on the device. …
  2. Tap Analytics Data.
  3. Locate the log for your app . …
  4. Select the desired log .
  5. Tap the Share icon, and select Mail to send the crash report as a mail attachment.

Once done, please upload the reports via Dropbox or similar, and let me have the download link.

Thank you in advance!


Thanks., i had a look and there is nothing with the word Pocket.

Hi @Davebass5,

Thanks., i had a look and there is nothing with the word Pocket.

Sorry for posting the previous link, where to find the crash reports, which was misleading.
Please have a look at the updated instructions above, and provide us with the crash reports as stated.

Thanks again,

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Thanks for clarification. Ive just looked and still see nothing for Cubasis/Steinberg. In fact there is nothing in there older than the start of this month. I haven’t used CB since starting this thread though.

I tried using it just now and had 4 crashes. Just two audio tracks imported, and i was just lining them up. Very hard work trying to do anything with this.

I have 4 .ips files that i cant upload but no crash dumps with .log

Hi @Davebass5,

I have 4 .ips files that i cant upload but no crash dumps with .log

Please upload the files via Dropbox or similar, and let me have the download link via private message.

Did the problems appear with an empty project following the procedure above? If not, could the problem be related to a 3rd party instrument or effect app in use?

Best wishes,

Thanks. Ill send you the link now.
The issue came back last night, and i used the procedure written above to create the project. It also happens with a previous project.

I was using a reverb and channel strip in the old project, as also in the new one, but the first crash happened just after placing the first audio file in, before any effects were used.

Hi @Davebass5,

Thanks for your message, and for sharing the crash reports.
Forwarded these to our engineers.

I will let you know, once we have news to share.

Best wishes,