Will there be a way to edit individual note velocity (presumably in Play Mode) in the upcoming update?

I hadn’t seen mention of this lately but it’s (of course) pretty fundamental (to go with your existing midi controller editing and the upcoming real-time MIDI record, both features for which I’m already grateful!)…
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( key velocity is often used to determine the level of portamento and type of legato transition in more extensive sample libraries. Actually, it’s even used by Noteperformer in its 3.1 implementation for Finale. :slight_smile: )

No, we don’t have a feature for editing note velocities in the next update, but it is planned.

Ok - fingers crossed for the “not-too-distant” future and looking forward to what IS imminently coming!

But in the tutorial velocity is shown

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Please note the dates on forum posts/threads - this thread was accurate in November 2018 but isn’t accurate in July 2021. You can indeed edit velocities now.

Where in play mode do I go?

Please see Changing the velocity of notes

‘You can hide/show the velocity lane for an instrument track by clicking Show the MIDI note velocity editor’ But where is that? I tried everything but cannot find it

To the left of each instrument name there’s a disclosure arrow. Click it to expand the track.

I did that but no velocity sign or lane is showing up like in the tutorial

What version of Dorico are you using?

Pro 2

That’ll be why then - the velocity lane was added in version 3 I believe.

If you’re following the First Steps guide, the version number should indicate 3.5.12 - that’s the version it was written in. Although many steps will be possible in earlier versions, that’s not guaranteed.

OK thank you