Will there be an update to C11 before C12 arrives?

I’m on Win10 and currently using C10.5. I purchased C11 but I can’t use any version of it without have an issue with the Scissors tool and the Ext Efx connection using my Motu interface (which is also a fail in C10.5, actually). I’ve reported this to Steinberg and they’ve duplicated the problems so these are confirmed bugs. Good to know. At the time I was told that there would be an update, but none has arrived. Now it seems all the talk is on C12. Is a C11 fix and my issues a nonevent, Steinberg?

Hello, what’s your scissors problems??
Maybe when you select or use the scissors, Cubase crashes ??

I had that problem with version 9.5 or 10, and for me the solution was that I had a firmware update for the SSD. If you have one, I am sure it will have a program to check that.
that was my case.

Hi Pablin. My problem exists in a two monitor system, the monitor designated #1 in the Windows 10 system will accept a scissor cut - yes - however when I mouse click on it (to either move it or edit it) it moves to the front of the track. This continues with any cut on monitor #1 but doesn’t do this on monitor #2, it’s behavior is typical, the cut section does not move unless I drag it. Steinberg was able to duplicate this but I don’t see others talking about it. Weird. It doesn’t do this in every Cubase version prior to 11 so I’m back to 10.5.