Will there be Cubasis For Android?

This is the most retarded comment I have read for a while. I see you´re not the sharpest pen in pencil box.

Gonna bump this one to let you know that Image Line did FL studio already for android, so what´s up with Steinberg?

Any new news on this topic?
It’s not like Steinberg to be this biased.
Obviously there are more Android users every day, since the market shares are pulling in more than Apple.
There has to be a work around, like making your own modification to the code? Is there some sort of conspiracy going on, convincing developers Android is evil?

Either way, making that happen soon will good for Steinberg anyway. It’s great marketing when no one else is doing it.

I am a hardcore Android user (tablet, Kindle, and of course phone), but after 3 years of waiting for the latency to improve, I got a (used) iPad for audio. This is my first Apple product - Cubase, Wavelab, and all my VSTi’s are running on a custom PC that I built. The problem is that unusable latency on Android, and it’s due to design choices deep within the OS. Android does a lot of things really well (custom launchers, deep control of the OS) and the iPad does a lot of things really poorly (can’t address it as an external USB drive, can’t explore file system, WTF?)…it’s too bad really, but until the latency issue is solved, Android is just not a viable device for real-time audio. Steinberg doesn’t have much to do with it! :ugeek:

Other developers have mentioned that with the different size screens of android devices it would be a nightmare.
2nd quarter android tablet sales were down too, because apple didn’t release a new iPad this past spring.

@meta-redundant - check out ifunbox to dig into the iPads files.

Thanks dubhaus, I’ll give ifunbox a try - cheers!

A little bit insight:


Maybe it’s time for the Android version already? :slight_smile:

maybe it’s time to finish cubasis on ONE platform first.

So now when Android 5 has a fixed audio issues when we can expect Cubasis?

Fixed Audio issue?Sure bout that? :wink:


I also hope they finish Cubasis first before starting a new adventure.There are still some very annoying bugs.

I see, thanks mate, no waiting for me now! :slight_smile:


So any update on this…
android audio engine is pretty good right now and on my note edge samsung have done a lot of work on their end with the audio side of things… latency is a hell of a lot improved…

We’ll continue monitoring the Android OS and consider to release further products at a later stage.


I have been using Audio Evolution for my Multi-Track Recording for both Audio and Midi with SoundFont(sf2) support and onScreen keyboard in My Sony Xperia Z Tablet and Latency is not a problem. It can be managed on Android by tweaking your settings properly. The Android 5.1 update solved this latency problem by 95%. So the issue here depends on what device you are using. Sony is my best choice for Android when its about music production.

Links to Latency test’s


Definitely time to port to Android…

Long overdue! Image-Line have done this from the day one, other so called big companies can only moan about some stuff like audio latency, schmatency!

Just get an iPad. For one, Cubasis is already available for IPad if you really want to use it, 2nd, there’s already countless 3rd party apps with several ways to connect to Cubasis. I’m not trying to sound like an Apple fanboy, because if there was a way I could use all the same apps on any tablet, It wouldn’t matter to me as long as the tablet ran them well. But at the moment more developers are making pro level music apps for the iPad, and you don’t need the latest iPad Pro, I’m using an iPad Air 2 with no issues what so ever.