Will there be "Global/Static layer" (Like BEAT) or do we use tracks for that?

Sometimes we do not want a plugin to be affected when switching between parts. A good example is when using a drum machine like Groove Agent. Right now Layers can’t be used when triggering patterns in Jam mode because it will stop playing when switching between parts.

Luckily (!:sweat_smile:) it’s possible mount Groove Agent on a track (loudspeaker symbol should be red) and choose a midi input for a controller. (Im using Launchpad X). This works very well right now as long as there is no playing of tracks(!)

This very important feature (a plugin used “globally” or static like the BEAT module) seems to not be described in the manual ? making me conserned that this “feature” could suddenly dissapear.

Can you please clarify your plans on how this use case will be handled ?

We are planning the option of a global Part (Layers and Stacks) which is active througout the entire set.

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Excellent! :+1: :smiley: