will there be VST Expression 2 support ?

Now that Cubase 6 has been released
and has VST Expression 2 support witch is suported by HALion Sonic (SE) So I was wondering
will there be VST Expression 2 support with the next update of the Grand 3 ?

Since both HALion Sonic and The Grand 3 are both Based on the HALion 4 Engine
I am Pretty sure that The Grand 3 would also be able to support VST Expression 2

And I also Hope to see some VST Sound Instrument Sets to add some new Piano’s To The Grand 3 (Like a C3 Neo ect)
I do not know if there are any plans for that but it might be nice to see in the future

I sure hope so,

I live for The Grand 3. well ok thats taking it slightly too far, but its a damn good VST. Probably my best. I would hope if it doesnt cater for Expression 2 now, in time its gotta be up there as a priority case??


It is more than a year since this was posted. I am now working a lot with VST expression in Halion Symphonic Orchestra (HSO). Now with the new update it works again properly and I am now anxious when there will be VST expression in The Grand 3. It will make work on pieces much easier, now I am in two sets of mind. Once instrument I can use the expressions and with the other I cannot and have to use midi and additional scoring to express my ideas (old style).

Can Steinberg indicate if there will be an update of The Grand soon with VST expression? The piano sounds in Halion Sonic are not near as nice as the one in The Grand.

Perhaps something to be presented at the Musikmesse??? I am keeping my fingers crossed and my credit card at hand to buy the new update if it includes VST expression :laughing: