Will these features be included in Wavelab 9?

  1. Host automation similar to what exists in Cubase? Basically click on the W button to write, start the song, and make your adjustments? Yes, effect morphing exists, but it’s not as friendly or fast as host automation.

  2. This is a long shot, and I fear it’s because Cubase introduced undo’s starting with SX, but any chance of the same type of Cubase-Wavelab integration that existed prior to SX? :mrgreen: I’m familiar with the option on the export page, but this is nothing like the integration that worked so sweet…until Steinberg released Cubase SX.

Thanks PG for the great program and support!

  1. Yes
  2. Can you recall us how that was?..

Basically, from an audio event in Cubase, you had the option to ‘edit in Wavelab’. After selecting, WL would open, edits could be made, and after saving and closing WL you had the edited audio in your Cubase track.

It disappeared in Cubase SX, and indeed as I remember as well, it had to do with the undo function in Cubase (or so it was claimed). Nowadays it is back since C6, in a very limited way: You can now open Wavelab from Cubase but the edits are not reflected in Cubase. I’m not sure how it was implemented, I never use it.


Just double click on the audio event in Cubase, Wavelab automatically opens, and then edit in Wavelab. The only part I’m not sure of Arjan is whether or not you even had to save your edit in Wavelab? Could you simply edit in Wavelab then maximize Cubase (both programs open) and the edits would be reflected in Cubase? Maybe I don’t remember that you had to save in Wavelab…its been a long time…but I sure miss this feature.

When the integration existed, the Cubase sample editor was woefully lacking. Many users preferred to edit in Wavelab. I still prefer to edit in Wavelab.

Oh, it’s been too long for me too… Don’t remember, but I guess saving in WL was needed.

You’re right; the editor in Cubase is a joke compared to Wavelab, and that’s totally acceptable. For simple edits I do use it sometimes, but I do prefer editing in WL. Thing is that for the waveform image in Cubase to reflect the changes, the image file (.peak) for the edited wave has to be deleted in order to be re-created.


I think it’s strange PG doesn’t remember this integration, but if he and others didn’t use Cubase VST32 or prior versions at the time I can understand.

Maybe this was actually a Cubase feature since you double clicked the wave on the project screen to open Wavelab? I just remember loving this feature as it was a true time-saver and editing in Wavelab is still so much better than Cubase…even today!

As you say, this is a cubase feature, not a wavelab feature.

so… is there a way to open WL mid session in Cubase and do a quick filter sweep automation on an audio file?

I dont seem to find a simple answer is that possible or not with Wavelab?

If not, does any other audio editor allow that? (am I chasing the moon basically)

AWESOME! :slight_smile: I am really excited about this!