Will two CMC-TP's work ?

I have a CMC-TP on my piano which is one end of my studio, and I’d like another CMC-TP by the mixing desk - at the other end of the studio.

Will Cubase recognise two CMC-TP’s ?

heya Richard, from what i understand, the only CMCs that you can add multiples of are the pad one (PD) and naturally the faders one.

have you tried it?

if it didnt work, do you want to sell your second CMC-TP to me?


I don’t have a second CMC-TP yet - I was waiting for an answer . even emailed tech support but never had a response !

at the start when the CMC’s first were announced/arrived i asked on the forum and Steinberg tech support and at my local distributor (all 3 places!) about running two of the PD’s at once. i wanted to be able to just throw 16x2 functions of cubase across all the buttons and label them all for easy access…ie one button to Normalize, one to select the Scisors Cut tool etc etc so i would not have to remember key shortcuts . I was told you can only run one CMC at a time. But then they added the CMC FD (fader to the list of CMC’s and obvously they needed to be able to run more than one of these together, and at the same time i believe my request for the PD was granted as well in the same update driver. But i do not ever remember seeing a comment about the TP.

i am going to try and buy a second TP as a backup for the future. Ive already blown up one TP and i was devastated. When i find a second one (not easy…ive exhausted every shop in my hometown already) ill plug it in and test for you man. Ill let you know.

Cheers :slight_smile: