will upgrade disable previous version?

I’m sure the answer to this must be online somewhere, but I can’t find it, so forgive me if it’s a dumb question.

It’s a big jump from N2 to N5 - I bought the upgrade, but I’m nervous about installing it.

Will I be able to continue using N2 while I learn N5 (and work the bugs out if any), or does the upgrade trash the previous installation?


The upgrade installs the 5.x license on your dongle,

the installation is a separate program, it does not overwrite or upgrade your existing software.

The upgrade package is identical to the stand alone, it just doesn’t come with the loaded dongle.

As far as I know, it does not effect your prefs for N2,

I would back up your templates and keycommands etc first just to be safe

PS, once you’re on N5, you won’t be using n2 much longer, it’s like trading in roller skates for a BAE Concorde


The Kid’s perfectly correct.
N5 is a completely new installation compared to N2, and N2 will remain installed & fully functional.

One thing I would heavily recommend though.
Before installing N5, make certain that all the N2 prefs have been moved to the desktop for the installation.
(You can put them back after firing up N5 for the first time).
If you don;t do this, N5 will try to import all your settings from the earlier version and this can cause trouble sometimes, so it is better to let N5 build a brand new set of prefs. Simply put the N2 ones back again after you get N5 set up & run for the first time.

If you are ever worried about a maintenance release or a dot update causing problems, try this before installing the update…
Go to C:Program Files/Steinberg and copy the Nuendo5 folder into the same location.
The folder will be called Copy of Nuendo5 or something - rename it to Nuendo5_0 or whatever build it is.
Now install the latest update - and the earlier build of Nuendo will still work from it’s executable, although it will utilize the same common files folder as the update…

You’ll love N5 over N2. For me, N2 was always a strange version - not as responsive as v1 was, resource heavy but very promising - N3 delivered on that promise.
N5 promises to be a superb tool…roll on 5.5 update, I think.

Thanks, that helps a lot.

I’m not sure, though, how to move the prefs, as you recommended. Where are they located?
I see a couple xml files(Key Commands.xml and Configuration.xml), and a folder called 'presets" - is that them?

On XP, they can be found here:
C:\Documents and Settings(username)\Application Data\Steinberg\Nuendo x

You need to remove everything from the Nuendo 2 folder - I would just drag it (the whole folder) to the desktop - before installing & running N5 for the first time.
Once you have run up N5 for the first time, and made your settings, you can put the N2 prefs folder back again and all will be fine.