Will upgrading to Cubase Pro 12 remove my Pro 10 and Pro 11 licences? I need them still!

Hi, I have both Pro 10 and Pro 10.5 installed with a Pro 11 activation on my USB eLicencer too in case I want to start using that…

Will upgrading to Pro 12 remove my Pro 10 and Pro 11 licences?


No. Please read this to be fully and correctly informed:


You roll get Cubase 11 (not upgradable) licence.

Thanks Steve, yes I read it but didn’t think it was clear at all as to what will happen with the licences on my USB licencer, in fact it does mention this at all?

I am hoping they will remain and the older software will still function…


Like Martin said, if you upgrade from any version of Cubase Pro that used the USB-eLicenser, the license in your dongle will be upgraded to “Cubase Pro 11 (Upgraded to Cubase Pro 12 with Steinberg Licensing)”, which can run all previous versions.

Yes, the pre-12 licenses will remain on the eLicenser USB stick, and will allow you to run legacy versions of Cubase. V12 won’t need that USB key, unless you are using other products that require it.

Thanks all for your help, this is fantastic news.


No, you always get Cubase 11. So even if you update/upgrade from Cubase 10.x, 9.x, 8.x…, you get Cubase 11.

We’re saying the same thing :slight_smile: