Will UR VST3 plugin bundle be made available to MR users?

I appreciate that there are hardware differences between the UR series and MR series, but surely at the very least the same VST3 plugins as software could also be made available to registered MR Users with Cubase 7?

Therefore even if zero latency hardware DSP monitoring cannot be achieved on the MR, having the VST3 plugin equiv will still be useful when going from hardware monitoring/recording with RevX to playback with same Rev X setting as VST3 Plug in option? The latency on MR is lower than UR so using VST3 Plugins on monitoring/recording may still be acceptable?

its been a long time request for Rev-X vst3 plugin for MR owners. some singers are very picky when they record overdubs and when recording punches, when they have different reverbs on real time(rev-x) and different from playback(DAW)… the technician needs to work a lot on setting to make both reverbs sound as close as possible.