Will VST Connect Pro help?

Hey there,

I’m working with a collaborator remotely, both on Windows both using Cubase (different versions). I use Teamviewer to gain remote access of their computer so I can do the things I need to do (file management, some exporting etc). I don’t really need to record them or remote mix or anything like that, although recording is an option for file transfers if workable with their internet.

The remote desktop is the most important thing. The problem is though that I’ve yet to find an RD software that will pick up the ASIO audio stream from Cubase. They only seem to utilise the system sound/WDM driver. Things I’ve looked at:

Source- Connect Now: only worked with WDM drivers for me.
Source Connect Nexus: looked ideal but MAc only.
Options about routing/looping back ASIO audio into the WDM stream. They have an RME card and TotalMix.

I was wondering whether VST Connect Pro would be ofin this situation. While it seems geared for recording performers, will it least give us an (ideally) bidirectional feed of each others master bus so I can hear what they are doing. Vice versa is less important, but also useful.