Will VSt expression come with N6 RESOLVED

I am at a cross road, and need vst expression for workstation # 1 running N5, dont want to purchase Nek if its coming soon to Nuendo -

Also, can you say how close we are to rewire support 64 bit ?

Thanks Guys !


I don’t see the problem.
The initial cost of Nuendo was splitted into Nuendo & NEK. The combination of Nuendo & the NEK was as expensive as the “old, complete” Nuendo. Nuendo without NEK was cheaper.
Now, if Nuendo returns to be “complete/NEKincluded”, you can expect to pay the difference (the price of the NEK) anyway while upgrading.


Ha ha Well I got my answer, alright & good day to all

LOL! You’d better post your direct phone number just in case.

Fredo, what about Rewire 64 bit , can you say ? Q1 2012 ? Thanks John

64bit rewire support is to be expected for one of the next maintenance releases.