Will we eventually be able to dynamically turn off/on the click while music is playing?

I vaguely recall reading this discussed but if not then I just wanted to put this on the suggestion list. It feels strange (while playing back) to turn off (or on) the click and have nothing happen in response click-wise until I stop the music and re-play. Minor in the grand scheme of things but just throwing it in the pot :slight_smile:

  • D.D.


P.S. Meta question to forum admins: is it possible to turn on upvoting/likes/etc. in the forum so people can upvote posts and comments?

It’s currently a limitation of how the click works, but we do hope at some point in the future that it can be turned on and off during playback.

Frankly, I’m just incredibly happy that there is a click at all :slight_smile: (along with real time recording) but will definitely look forward to this further improvement down the line with thanks.

  • D.D.