Will we get a new version of VST Transit without the bugs????


Can any moderators comment on when the possibility of a new version of VST Transit is going to be released?

I’m trying to get this collaboration system to work, but it’s just buggy. I keep trying to upload a project and it gets hung up on rendering a midi file that grows to over 60 gig. I have to force quit Cubase. This problem along with the laggy interface, unable to hide tracks, no way to use freezed vst instruments, etc…just makes this implementation unprofessional and not ready for prime time.

It’s unfortunate that I convinced a friend to purchase Cubase so that we can collaborate in the cloud and it’s turning into an exercise in frustration.

And yes, I’m using the most current version of Cubase Pro 10.5 on new Mac hardware.

I’m not trying to be a hater, I’ve used, supported and defended Cubase since the Atari ST days. But it now seems like Steinberg, which is normal on the cutting edge with innovative technology that works, is falling behind it’s competition in this critical aspect. Pro tools appears to have figured out the cloud collaborative process and even the old Ohm Studio can function better. It seems like Steinberg has been sitting on this technology without investing in it’s development. Over a year without an update is a pretty sad state of affairs in the world of software.

So for anyone who would say, “Well, your comparing Cubase to other software that you think is better, so shut up and leave,” I’m sorry but that is not the answer I am looking for. I love Cubase with all it’s functionality and workflow and I’m just looking for answers that can help guide me for the next six months.

In these times, where we have to work in the cloud from home for the unseeable future, how is Steinberg going to keep loyal customers like me from going to the dark side of Pro Tools whether we want to or not?

Thank you.


“a midi file that grows to over 60 gig”…that sounds weird. Can you pls elaborate on this? Where is this midi file? You will certainly not succeed to use VST Transit with such files.
“laggy interface” - where, when? We like to help, but this is just vague.
“unable to hide tracks” - fixed next version which is in the making
“no way to use freezed vst instruments” - will check.


The midi file was created in the Midi folder that Cubase creates in that particular song folder. It creates these files when tracks are uploaded to VST Transit. So the file was being created by a track that had a particular VST instrument on it. It would create a midi file that would fill up my hard drive until Cubase froze.

I removed the offending VST instrument and moved the performance to a midi track and everything uploaded to VST Transit. I did not try to use the VST Instrument again.

The VST Transit window is slow. When I click on a button, it take time for anything to happen, usually I get a spinning beach ball and then something happens. While I was uploading a song, I clicked on Profile and it caused Cubase to crash.

I’m running Mojave on a 2019 MacBook Pro with 6 cores and 32 gig of ram.

Concerning, freezed VST instruments, It would be really useful to have VST Transit send the frozen files to the cloud when we freeze a track so other collaborators can hear the tracks as they are supposed to sound when they do not have the vet plug ins installed on their system.

Thank you for the timely response.

could you send us the Cubase project that caused midi to go wild? Or just reduced to that track? No audio files or the like, just the Cubase project file so we can check.
Some actions in the VST Transit interface are slow, because they require to wait for responses from the cloud. Usually that’s not a problem, as it’s still fast, but depending on your network and users suddenly going wild, some actions can be slower than usual.
Of course it shouldn’t crash, pls check again if the problem persists with the new version.
We know frozen is requested a lot, but at the time beeing we can hardly catch up with the sudden demand, so bear with us.

How an I send the file without it being a public share?

PM me