Will WL10 run properly in Win7 pro 64bit?

The question says it all, guys.
Can’t up to Win 10 just yet but would like to take advantage of the current discount.

I demoed it. It seemed to work fine, only issue was the external plugin was buggy for me in the Montage. It would pass audio the first time I hit play but once it looped it went silent and the play cursor would speed up. This might be something to do with my specific audio card though.

Just try the demo though.

I ended up buying it today.

Testing in Montage if you try to solo track containing a clip that is low in volume the playback gets glitchy. If you raise the volume of that clip using the gain handle it starts to play smoothly.

Non solo play back is fine though.

External FX works fine on master section in Montage. On a clip the External FX works fine the first time you hit play. If you stop and hit play again the cursor moves fast across the screen or gets stuck.

Are you surely using the 10.0.40 update too?

Things were a little rocky at first with the audio engine but I know that Windows 7 is not fully supported so even 10.0.40 could have issues in Win7.

Thanks, yes on 10.40.

Ok figured out the glitching issue was due to the playback speed function using an old setting I had in 9.5. It showed normal selected but was also coloured orange. I reselected normal and the colour went back to default. Now low volume tracks play correctly. Makes sense since I use that to skip through dialogue sometimes.

With that back to normal then soloing in montage plays fine.

Even better I can now use the external fx plugins in Montage. Seems it was this playback function the whole time (I demoed 10 a month ago and had the same issue.)

I don’t normally keep my 9.5 on anything other than normal playback except for temporary situations so not sure how this affected 10’s install but at least it seems sorted now.

This is great as now maybe I can switch to W10 completely for mastering instead of Cubase 10.5.