Will you give "12" a couple of weeks before installing?

Just wondering if you’re an early adopter of if you’re going to give 12 a couple of weeks to settle in before your upgrade? Although I’m pretty excited about the update I think I’m going to hang back for a couple of weeks. I don’t need the update so I figure why not.

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No, it’s already installed.

I might wait if installing Cubase 12 meant Cubase 11 went away and I could only use Cubase 12 - but that’s not the case.


I will, just to avoid any early problems with licensing.

Too late! :rofl:
and read raino’s post again!

I never bother with any Steinberg releases until at least their first maintenance patch drops. Early adopters are my beta testers!


This is definitely one I won’t be rushing into. I may even wait until the mid term sale. My system is fixed so I never remove the dongle anyway. I’ll let everything settle down as I’ve been caught with the licencer server problems before

I already installed mine and actually like the new licencing system.
I will keep my 11 up and running for at least a couple of months before i migrate to 12 though.
The x.0.0. versions are usually not the best ones and need some work.

I appreciate the responses. I’m going to wait at least for several more days (maybe weeks), we’ll wait and see. I’ve only been playing around with 11 for about 2 months and was just starting to get a feel for things and I don’t want to throw any new potential problems at it right now. The frustration level in getting back into Cubase was bad enough, I don’t want to install anything that I might have to reconfigure whether it’s a Cubase problem or mine.

I did purchase but will wait until maybe this weekend to install. Skeptical about the vst2 but from what i and reading on w10 its not and issue… my problems are following the right way ti migrate …whixh i made a thread on so i can upgrade and keepnmy settings

I honestly don’t understand the mad rush to be an early adopter. Although I’m certainly grateful for all you eager-beavers for finding all the bugs so the rest of us don’t have to. Just look at this message board since C12 came out - zillions of problems. Every minute that a producer or composer spends debugging or researching some new problem is a minute he spends NOT making music.

I’m definitely going to wait until the kinks and teething problems are worked out before even thinking about upgrading, and then I’ll make a decision based on the consensus view of whether the features and bugfixes make it worthwhile.

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This is like the first day ever that I bought Cubase on the first day and so far it installed really smoothly. Everything seems to be working.

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For those running on Mac M1, it makes sense. The application feels much snappier.

Mine installed and worked flawlessly , until I rebooted my computer.

When I do the upgrade I’m documenting each step I take. I just opened my SDA and was told I needed to update my version of SDA. That goes into the documentation too.

Re: OP: I’m not sure how long i will wait before upgrading from C11 Pro to C12 Pro.

I’m just a hobbyist, but i don’t want to lose the ability to use my C11 Pro if badness occurs during the update process to C12 Pro, due to overloaded servers, operator error, etc.

Additionally, i will feel much less eager to update to C12 Pro if i will still need my dongle inserted in order to use “Basic FX Suite”, which is accessed by my Steinberg UR28M interface. If that’s the case … Uggh!

At the earliest, I’m going to wait till Sunday night to update to C12 Pro … I don’t want to imperil some important recording sessions scheduled for this weekend! :slight_smile:

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How are you dealing with the loss of VST2 plugins? Some very highly regarded plugins (such as UAD2 plugins) will not work natively on the M1 Macs making native use of Cubase Pro problematic for many of us.

I won’t be moving to Cubase Pro 12 until the various instillation/licensing and plugin compatibility issues are sorted-out.

We sound like we’re in the same boat. I too am a hobbyist user, nothing professional and no one is counting on me to comer through at the last minute with a hit! My concern is that I’m sort of a “once bitten twice shy” guy when it comes to Steinberg products. It just seems that once something goes wrong with the installation process you can end up down a rabbit hole of endless loops as you try to figure out what went wrong.

When Cubase 11 was released with the ability to mutlitrack-bounce stems incl. all paths + Fx, this was a massive time saver for me. When you work professionally, every minute counts…and sometimes certain features do exactly that: save professionals crucial time.

4d later … still afraid to upgrade. The advices from those in the know seem very ad hoc, and if i have problems upgrading i would not want to risk losing C11 Pro access like others have by following advice specifically offered to another user.

I think i will wait for a Steinberg post that reads something like, “We’ve fixed all the bugs in the upgrade process … y’ all are good to go now!”.

(… Plus some non-zero period of time thereafter, because … :slight_smile: :upside_down_face: :grin: )

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All of those situations that I’ve read about seem to revolve around problems navigating the grace period process. If your upgrade involves the grace period and older licenses then some additional care makes sense. But if you are moving from an existing C11 on a dongle to C12, I think you are being overly cautious.

So Cubase 11 forever it is then…