William Shatner's (Capt Kirk) Metal Album ?!?!

Shat! Another crazy Canadian! :laughing:

I’ll give it a listen, but I have not bought an album other than from folks on the forum for a while now! Has to be good!

Wing sings Shatner!!!


Phasers on stun :laughing:

Klingons on your starboard side!!

Captain Kirk has a long and well-established history in pop music performance …


(Did I see Sister Beatrille in there?? :smiley: )

Q: What do capt Kirk and toilet paper have in common?
A: They both keep Klingons off Uranus


Well, it’s better than Tribbles on Uranus. That can be bothersome. I’ve heard.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Makes this a sticky!

Sounds sticky already! :laughing:

I’ll bet they will-not!



I’ve always had a great respect for William Shatner. All the way from his overplayed "Shakespearean-esque acting on Star Trek, to his goofy commercials. He never seems to take himself seriously, something which I aspire to. :smiley:

he certainly didn’t take himself seriously in that awful cop show he was in. what was it called?

TJ Hooker :laughing:

Fresh Prince on Bel Air was not a favorite but it was OK every now and then.
There is one exception which was just beyond hilarious!!!

Ahhh that’s it - cheers :slight_smile:

Mitigated somewhat by the presence of a young and quite comely Heather Locklear

To go along with my Leonard Nimoy album from many years ago.

Gonna try and do a mash.

Should be a real waste of time but might be fun.

That joke is crustier than the skid marks on your tighty whiteys. :laughing: