Win 10 1809


I had my I7 multicore computer update to 1809 on the 25th January 2019 and my ordinary i5 computer which i use for internet mainly is still at Win version 1803.
Why is some computers updating before others???
I checked for updates and again and it said that i have the latest at 1803.
Do not get me wrong here as my music computer with Cubase 10 and all on it is now lightning fast with update 1809 in there.
I would like to know why my other computer does not update to 1809.

Anyone else come accross this anomaly.

All the best

Microsoft “rolls out” updates across users, meaning it doesn’t happen for every system at the same time.

There’s also an option to change this behavior a little if you use Windows Pro. (Settings > Update & Security > Advanced options > Choose when updates are installed)

Microsoft has also rolled out the updates in waves, so not all computers receive them at the same time.

You can manually force the update on the other machine if you wish. Here’s one possible website with instructions. Worth double checking they are correct and doing a backup).