Win 10 and e- licencer

I am a Sonar refugee and went out and purchased Cubase Elements.
I decided that I should have gone for the pro upgrade as I am beginning to like Cubase a lot.
I had great support and they got my money refunded on Cubase Elements so I could upgrade at the crossover price.
All went well until today.

Understandably they deactivated my Cubase Elements Licence.
I decided to run windows update which was the 1702 update which is the latest.
After that I tried to open up Cubase 9.5 and a box appears saying cannot activate licence problem contact Steinburg.
I ran the e-licencer and It could not maintain and repair.
I had red deactivate writing on the Elements which is right. So I am stuck and have to sort it out with support I guess.
I decided to uninstall the e-licencer and Install another copy and all loaded fine without any licence problems.
The Cubase elements licence was not red this time, so I do not know what is going on there.
My cubase dongle for 9.5 is ok, nothing wrong there
I did also have my XLN Addictive Drums go down after the Win 10 update and had to reset it In the licence installer.
Does WIN 10 create this problem???

I do hope in 25 hours things do not go heywire again as i have activated it already.

At the moment all Is ok again

Anyone else having this problem??

All the best
John :open_mouth:

WIn10 updates have a history of messing with the e-licenser. I’ve often found a new version of e-licenser shortly after win10 updates. (The latest version is Dec 2017, This included a problem with XLN addictive keys, and I also had to reset it at XLN’s website. This only happened once to XLN, in 2017. I’m at version 1709 of win10.

I think if you should be OK have both the win10 and e-licenser up to date, especially if the e-licenser is up to date. If not, then contacting Steinberg sounds like the only reasonable step to take next.

If you get weird behavior running the eLicenser, try starting it as admin, and run a maintenance.
If it still does not work, move the dongle to another USB port, and try again.


All is working well again at the moment and as I have an ticket support open for my Sonar to Cubase changeover problem, i have explained my situation.
I am going to put the dongle at the back of my computer and forget it if nothing else goes up the creek!!!

Big thanks for your replies Colin and Peakae.

all the best

John, no doubt the ELicenser system is the worst part of Cubase. Frustrating, inconvenient, and confusing.

We had it good with the Sonar CC!

I experience exactly the same error message than you with Elicenser : since the last major update of win10, only the 32 bits softs are recognized.
I spoke to a Steinberg guy, and did all the recommended actions, with no success.
For me, the only way for running 64 bits licenses is to start Elcc before launching cubase, and keep Lcc in background, So I can live with that.

That’s what I found worked. Clunky but effective. I tried it because the 1709 Windows update prevented Halion Symphonic Orch starting in my Sonar setup. One of the reasons I crossgraded to Cubase was that Steinberg probably had addressed this. I guess the issue is too recent to expect too much but still, we shelled out for Cubase and this…