Win 10 Fall Creators-eLicenser not working 64 Bit

The Windows 10 Fall Creators update- I uninstalled and reinstalled the elicenser, Cubase 8, 32 will open, but Cubase 8 and 9 64 bit, Licenser says there is a error and Cubase 8 or 9 64 will not open. Only the 32 bit version will work.
I also tried putting the dongle in a different USB input, but no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Did you download the latest elicenser?

…and try running it as Administrator?

I downloaded and installed the latest elicenser (October 26,2017), I tried installing and opening as administrator both elicenser and Cubase 9-64 bit. Cubase 8-32 bit will open, but Cubase 8 and 9 64 bit will not open. I also tried putting the dongle in different USB ports but with no luck.
Is there anything else I can try?

Have you run maintenance while elicenser is running as admin?

Yes,I ran maintenance while running as administrator, I uninstalled and reinstalled the eLicenser several times. I don’t understand why the 32 Bit versions of Cubase will open but not the 64 Bit version. When running the 64 Bit version of Cubase I always get a error message about the elicencer and Cubase 64 stops loading. Any other things I can try? Thanks

Do a clean install of 1709?

And the error message that you get is a secret for some reason?? :wink:

This is the error measage I am getting:
Application ‘Cubase / Cubase Artist’ has caused the following error:
An important service has become unresponsive.
Please restart your computer to fix this problem.
Please visit <> to download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control software in case the problem persists.

Try to unininstall but you have to uninstall from windows devices in order to fully remove the old driver for elicenser. Otherwise you just keep getting the same errorcode.
right-click Start-> Device Manager