Win 10, Nuendo 10.3 & Blackmagic Design Mini Monitor 4k no video out Help?

Hey Nuendo Gurus…I have jsut installed a Black Magic Design Mini Monitor 4K into my Win 10 machine running Nuendo 10.3. Windows sees the BMD card operating correctly and Nuendo studio setup sees the BMD card and it is properly selected instead of Onscreen Window but when the project is playing there is no video displaying on the Monitor connected to the BMD HDMI Port. The video works fine when switched to Onscreen Window in Studio Setup and pressing F8 but not when the BMD card is selected. The BMD card settings were configured to match the Nuendo and Video file at 24frames 48k 24b. Any suggestions???

I have noticed that in the Studio Setup window that there are no selectable Formats for the DeckLine mini Monitor 4k. In other posts I have seen numerous format available in this drop down menu. Why is this the case?

What format and codec is the video file?
Is your BM connected monitor capable to receive 24fps, is it on auto adjust?

FYI 4k size will be cropped to an HD area (1/4) within the frame. I find best formats are Prores or DNxHD at 2K scope or lower, but not lower than 720p

Kenobi: Thanks for your response. The video is mp4 24 frames 1080p going out the HDMI port. According to the specs of the Hisense monitor/tv it accepts 24fps. The weird thing is as soon as I click on the Video Player link in Studio Setup, Nuendo 13 crashes. It does not provide me an opportunity to switch over to the Black Magic card, What is displayed before the crash is still the MIDI Port window and a white area below with OK button. Very strange

Kenobi: My apologies I thought you were replying to Nuendo 13 problem…

Yes I was referring to N13.

But looks like you cant even switch to the BM card which to me sounds like a BM driver problem because it doesnt happen to me.

Are you able to play the video through the BM Desktop player utility with no other apps running? If not you may need to reseat your card in the motherboard if re-installing the driver software doesnt correct this.

Is the OS or N13 using the sound output of the BM card? (they shouldn’t). Make sure the system sounds are off also.