WIN 10 Sessions WON'T LOAD Randomly

Hey all! So yesterday i did a session with an Artist and everything was great and typical, the session loaded up within 3 minutes per usual and after the session was over, i went upstairs from my studio for a bite to eat, came down a few hours later to do some work in ANOTHER session that i was working on previously before recording the Artist that had came in that day. So i go to open my other session and lo and behold, its taking legit 2 HOURS to try and load… Mind you, this session (and every other one) typically loads within 3 minutes… NOW, what is in this session that i’m trying to load? Literally 2 Vst tracks, and some midi drums. Kontakt/SSD4 thats it!

Did windows 10 do a random update?

Whats inside of the session VST WISE?
ALL Legit plugins, including Waves subscription bundle.

NOTHING changed on my end… I’m so clueless how a session could open great and fast for WEEKS, then suddenly NOW taking two hours?
Now the only thing i can think of is, during the session of working with the artist yesterday (before they left) i changed colors in the preferences. I literally can only recall doing that… That is the only change.

I’ve tried updating my NVIDA Gforce experience (Thats a different story it keeps crashing)

ALSO noticing while loading the project file WINDOWS DEFINER is using randomly 5% CPU (AFTER reading some cool things on the forums, i made exceptions for Cubase 10, VST, VST3, and etc… and still NOT LOADING SESSIONS)

Is anyone experiencing this? Would love some feedback? :confused: I’m on some serious deadlines and could use a bit of Help!

-SPECS/Win 10 64B/Asus Delux 2/ Intel I9/ 2 INTEL SSD 4TB/NVIDA 1060 DUAL FAN/64GIG RAM