win 10 update +RME cubase 7.5 Ilok 2 works

hiya, I took the plunge and updated my 8.1 version…
First thing I noticed was internet became a lot slower but seems like it’s slowly improving. Search etc some programs seem a bit slower…

Cubase and all my stuff is working well atm… :mrgreen:

Also working well with Cubase and SF open… the multiclient support is good


Windows 10 is not supported system even for Cubase 8, yet. There are some known issue, see this, please. I wouldn’t recommend to upgrade to Windows 10 (at least not yet, and maybe not at all with Cubase 7.5; I mean, upgrade the Cubase then too).

I upgraded to

I upgraded to Win 10. The only issue was Cubase 7.5. After updating the eLicenser no problems.
I also updated my Ilok again no problem.

Yes, I upgraded and am on Cubase 8 Pro, and yes, there have been a few ‘minor’ problems, but, so far, nothing major.

The ‘biggest’ issue I have, and I do mean the ‘biggest’ is to do with the window sizes. Everything is bigger by about 1/3. All the VST windows are nearly full screen, the Transport Panel is 1/3rd bigger, and the track sizes are bigger. And no, you cannot resize any of these in the Preferences. I have tried.

The problem seems to be with the width of the ‘base’ or background screen, you now, the screen behind the screen you use. Why O why did we have to have 2 screens? Any way, the background screen is too big so all the sub-windows are big because they are a proportion of the background screen.

So, how do I know this? Very simple, if you move things off to the right of the screen they completely disappear off screen. This doesn’t happen to the left, up or down, just the right.

I’m thinking that for some reason the background screen has defaulted to the wrong screen size or it is trying to use a split screen, either way its annoying. Doesn’t stop you using it and, so far I haven’t found any VST’s that do not work OK.