Win 7, 8 End of life

Not trying to be a rebel but the discussion isn’t simply about W10 but the opening topic makes it a 50/50 discussion.
The fact of its moral and political implications is the reason why certain users "don’t " want to migrate to it, so that makes it a valid argument. I understand the advancement of technology and always have been for it but in the same breath, it has forced upgrades on some of those who didn’t need or couldn’t afford it.

I’ve been lucky to have all my versions of Cubase and whatever OS’s I’ve used them on run pretty near flawlessly.
I appreciate this DAW and all it has to offer but I will unfortunately have to stay with the latest version that will run on W7 Pro. That’s not to say future versions won’t run on 7 but just won’t be supported. It’s just unfortunate that eventually, I will run into a wall with compatibility. Until I do, it’s W7. :slight_smile:

Hello All

Here is my experience updating from W7 to W10
Except the fact that I had to wipe out all my apps the whole process was relatively easy, it was fortunate that my personal files cope over with no problems , now - if you have legitimate cope of W7 you can still upgrade to W10 for free as I did
I spent all night reinstalling this and that …Looks great works great ! Since all my apps where gone I have to reinstall Cubase
Somehow I had a feeling that whole process will turn ugly when it come to Cubase
Cubase fails again !!! Groove Agent Se, Halion Se and any other “SE” VSTi which came as a freebe dont work anymore ( they where perfectly good in Win7) but now they all missing sound files - just to test it I did create new track and add Halion Se as a rack instrument ,the track was created but there is no presets and no sounds inside - only empty GUI ???
I try to reinstall missing instruments half a dozen times ,spend hours on this forum looking for quick fix but no matter what I did I couldn’t make it work :open_mouth:
Anybody had experience the same problems after reinstalling CB10 Pro ?
Any ideas how to fix it ?

Thanks for your help

Then let me apologise on behalf of the majority of users and businesses still using Windows 7 and the European Union as a whole who still have Privacy concerns with Microsoft Windows 10, most recently the Dutch. Silly Billies!

If you suspect Win10 then use “O&OShutUp10”.

Majority? It’s a rapidly falling minority vs Win 10.
But regardless of your conspiracy fuelled fears, if you want progression then update, if you don’t, then sit on an outdated 10 year old OS - choice is yours, it’s very simple, and no-ones gonna come knocking on your door to take away the C10 license.
Personally, I’d rather be in the hands of a company who are audited and regulated in the country i live rather than being at risk of exploitation from faceless BlueKeep style worms. Senseless to me to leave a business so globally exposed like that, i couldn’t even pass security audits running a dead OS, and therefore would lose trade that required such compliance.

Good Tip, cheers for sharing.

Every time someone uses the “conspiracy” word they lose the argument.

Fun Fact, Windows 7 owns an astonishing 36.4% of the desktop OS market, Windows 10, 44.1 % that’s only 8% up on 7 with Jan2020 what 5 months away??

(Info from NetMarketShare)

That’s potentially 36.4 % of customers ready to look at alternative solutions. (and there are many) hence why other devs in this market place are holding off ditching Windows 7 until the time is right for its CUSTOMERS.

Good luck

Sorry i didn’t realise we were having a winner/loser argument here - i’m just offering up an unbiased logical view as to why progression for Steinberg will not lose them business.

I service around 80-90 machines a year and i’d be shot if they were left on Win 7, would lead to a fail on each security audit placed on us, which in turn leads to failure to comply with customer regulations, which puts into question any existing trade contracts. If i turned round and said “hmmm, i don’t trust Microsoft” i don’t think that’d go down too well.

Fun Fact, Windows 7 owns an astonishing 36.4% of the desktop OS market, Windows 10, 44.1 % that’s only 8% up on 7 with Jan2020 what 5 months away??

Then you agree that Win 7 isn’t the majority then - great!

I don’t know if you realise, but those figures are back from Jan 2019 sol hold no relevance to being 5 months away - but you’ve linked them somehow?. Furthermore, based on those old figures, Win 10 ‘was’ 8% more popular across ‘ALL’ OS’s, in direct comparison to Win 7 it ‘was’ almost 20% up on Win 7, and rising hugely:-

I don’t mean to hit you with facts as i know you have a winner/loser mentality going on, but for reference here’s the CURRENT figures in Europe for windows OS:-

As i keep saying, If you want progression, then upgrade. If you don’t, then sit happy in obsolescence. That’s your choice.

its still 25 percent of the market in 2019 and they practivly gave it away FREE!

No trust in the product, not me, not my mum but entire groups of nations.

it is without a doubt a bad business decision to ditch win 7 until ALL the privacy issues related to Win 10 are resolved. Period!

Win 10 privacy is nothing to do with Steinberg, they are a business - why plough money into supporting a dead, soon to be highly exploitable/unsafe OS that will hold your product back because a few conspiracy nutcases believe some articles and hearsay they read online. If you’re that scared just unplug from the internet.

What exactly are you afraid of? If you use the internet your activity is being tracked by FAR shadier organisations anyway.

Despite the world and their mother trying to backward engineer Microsofts IP, I’ve not seen one case where MS have been charged for Win 10 illegally spying on it’s users, maybe you have? If so, it’s news to me.

All the tracking data is clearly outlined on their website, and you can turn off most of it anyway. We live in an age where data collection is just part of our daily acceptance and usage of software and it’ll be happening to you in Win 7 right now too, your ISP has much also.

I doubt you can find even one case where an end user has been harmed by MS’ use of telemetry. People keep talking about “privacy issues” but in reality they have close to no idea what, if anything, is being collected and how it’s handled.

It’s just a “thing” that people say about MS just like how people for years kept telling me how iOS was so much more secure, just like OSX… which… apparently not…

The truth is that as soon as you get yourself a smartphone and start accepting access to your data to get that ecosystem going - regardless of whether it’s Android/Google or iOS/Apple - you’re going to be subject to the same or equally bad “privacy issues” as with Windows 10…

… but hey, we can always disconnect completely and live in a nice cottage in the woods somewhere…

PS: Mods - did you delete a post of mine? I could have sworn I wrote one like yesterday with a link to current marketshares…

If you use a bank or have a job, your most critical personal information is already at risk anyway.
I’m not sure what being hyper-paranoid about MS will change.
They might share that you like classic rock with Amazon?
All that stuff can be turned off anyway.

So in other words your complaint is just like all others I’ve seen where people are complaining about a lack of privacy regarding MS’ products, yet nobody seems to be able to point to concrete examples of what I mentioned.

100 bucks says you probably don’t know what data they request from your Win 10 Pro machine if you set telemetry gathering to an absolute minimum, or if that data is anonymized and then sent. After all, there’s nothing to be concerned about if the data is anonymous.

I got my Yahoo account hacked into. Don’t see many DAW users complaining about Yahoo. Or Apple’s products.

Yeah, if you want to disconnect from everything and just go lo-fi then fine. I just find it annoying that people keep harping about Win 10 and privacy concerns yet don’t seem to talk about all the other companies that actually have a track record of getting hacked - or even worse; misusing information. To my knowledge you can turn off a large amount of the telemetry MS would like to get, and what you’re left with actually makes your computer experience better. I bet you a fair amount of people that complain about privacy issues are the same people that would complain if their computer got infected due to not having the firewall updated (requires a connection and telemetry data to work) or would complain if software/drivers etc get out of whack and stops working properly (requires a connection and telemetry data to work).

Cubase users don’t complain about yahoo, Apple products or other companies because they can still run Cubase without them.
But, in another update or two, they won’t be able to run Cubase unless they have Win10 and that’s why people keep harping about it.
I believe I have listed a valid example of why I don’t trust Win10 alone and that’s why I’m working on a dual boot system.

My example from a previous post goes as follows:

I don’t want to concede to a system where I am no longer allowed to filter which updates I don’t want.
I can understand having to upgrade an OS to accommodate the program but I’m not willing to lose other programs that are important to me in the same process because of some incompatible updates that don’t work with everyone. I’m not just talking CB but other programs as well.
If you have to suck up any updates MS throws at you regardless of the consequences, then that’s not “support”.
When I had to uninstall windows updates to avoid conflicts, it was with then, up to date programs including current versions of Cubase. If in W10 I am not allowed to do this then I refuse to trust this OS alone.

Then you’ll need to go linux and find a DAW that works for you, as the other alternative (MacOS) is even more stricter, running a 10 year old OS is a HUGE life vs what Mac users have to keep up with.

If you don’t want to update, that’s your choice. The rest of us wants software that is progressive in supporting modern hardware/tech and be the best that it can be - i have zero maintenance with Win 10, coming from a long time user with Mac’s i was expecting it to be hardwork but it’s been fantastic, and i can only put that down to the telemetry data that goes into improving the product, compatibility, security and stability… So why an earth would i drag my feet in the ground if they put out an update to improve my system?

The sad fact is that you’ve bought into all the anti-microsoft sentiment and let it somehow build into an obstacle that you must steer around - yet there’s no fact around any of it., it’s just good old fashioned FUD in motion.

Ok, that’s a fair point.

Well I just disagree with what you imply. You imply that using Windows 10 will put you in that position, but I maintain that’s not the case. Why? Because the non-feature security “quality” updates on patch-Tuesday aren’t really known to break anything that is properly created and supported. In other words no software or hardware that’s correctly managed will break because of the Tuesday security patches. Not only that, but if you’re worried about it you can defer those for 30 days.

So what about the feature updates? Well, the feature updates I’ve deferred for 365 days!

So I basically have a full year (!) before I choose to update, which in turn means that everyone that made a product (in my computer) that needs to be OS compatible also has a year to get their stuff together.

At the end of the day, if I’m so concerned about compatibility then I’m going to choose companies that respond correctly and swiftly to changes in the OS, and that means within a year.

So I disagree that we’re sort of forced to suffer the risk of our system not running - IF we set our Win10Pro up correctly, which is very easy to do.

I have built a computer soley for recording purposes since W10 was first presented. This minimized the amount of programs I have involved.
The first program I installed was Cubase and any others following are from reputable companies including Celemony XLN and Yamaha who are all in corporation with each other.
When W10 first came out, they specifically stated that all updates were going to be installed without permission of the user and none could be uninstalled. They spoke of no deferring for any time let alone 30 or 365 days.
MS snuck W10 installation updates into Win7 daily updates and if you didn’t comb through all of them, you wouldn’t see it. It would update you to W10 without your permission. It happened to people I know including my uncle. That left a bad taste in my mouth about MS. In fact, they had been sued for such a gesture.
If they have since changed their protocol, I wouldn’t have known it because I don’t have W10 installed. Being as I don’t fully trust this version until proven on my system, I am integrating a dual boot system so I will have W7 to fall back on. It’s a prudent move on my part.
I’m not saying that W10 won’t run more efficiently but until I deem my circumstances safe with it, it will be this way. I do a lot of studio work and can’t afford spending significant time having to track down inadvertent technical problems. I’ve had enough experience to not make choices soley on someone’s word, including or even especially the distributor’s.

Never said I didn’t want to update. I’m implying that I don’t trust this version of MS alone without testing first. That’s why I’m integrating a dual boot system so I’ll have W7 to fall back on till I know my system is trouble free.

I have not bought into the anti-microsoft sentiment. My claims are from personal indulging and there’s plenty of fact around it.
It’s just good old fashion experience in motion. :slight_smile:

Could I make the absolutely radical suggestion that you don’t leave your music computers connected to the internet? Problem solved.