Win 7, 8, or 10

Hi folks, I know that Cubase will run on 7, 8, or 10, but what does it like best? I’ve been running Win7pro for quite a few years, but with a new computer on the way, should I go for one of the newer op sys? How is 10 behaving for people?

Mostly fine, I have had a few re-installs but that’s my own fault as I do not keep the machine steady (installing all updates, testing 3rd party plugins and products)


My machine is five years old, was powerful for the time. I moved from 7 to 10, and I didn’t revert to 7 in time, and now I’m sorry I didn’t. Something is making Cubase 8.035 click and drop out in Win 10, when it was stable in Win 7 at low latency. I had a lot of advice from the good people here, but I’ve not solved my problems. I doubt it’s the CPU, as I can see it’s hardly breaking a sweat. It’s some other assumption about how fast certain components will be that my machine must not be meeting. Graphics, memory, who knows. Oh well.

Sorry to hear that, Early21. *#%&ing computers can be very frustrating at times.

Probably a driver somewhere. Try some older drivers for your videocard.
(but this is off topic, sorry)

No, thanks, Stophoid, I am sure you’re right; I just wish I could find it!

I had to disable Windows Defender, and get an updated network card driver from Intel. Now Windows 10 runs like a dream with Cubase 8.5. Latest Asus driver and Windows update was not enough to solve the problem.

Thanks a lot, GeoMax. I did not realize Windows Defender was on the suspect list, and apparently it is! I’ve used Security Essentials for years, and I just thought Defender was kind of an extension of that. But now I understand that Defender scans every module before it runs, and with plugins, it’s a big source of clicks pops and dropouts. You don’t have to turn it off, by the way, if I understand this thread:

You just have to list the Cubase program folder as an exception.

Anyway, great advice, and makes me wonder if somewhere there is a list of these items for people upgrading.