Win 7 - Modal Dialog Off Screen


The project window seems to resize itself from time to time. Not a -huge- deal, but what also happens is that the modal dialog for exiting the program—or saving a project, appears in the upper right corner off screen—so one can’t see the options.

This used to happen occasionally in older versions of Cubase under XP and there was a trick to correcting with the Taskbar. But this doesn’t work in Win7. I also seem to recall a Registry setting for forcing the dialog box back to center.

What’s the ‘fix’?

Seriously annoying.



bump. Anyone?

google SheepDog?

I’d add the word “windows” to your google search unless you’re looking for this fella.

I currently resize the display-resolution and when windows asks if i really want that resolution change it back. This way every window is inside the visible screen-space again…

Thanks to all. Looks like ‘Sheepdog’ is now part of my desktop. The graphics properties trick doesn’t seem to work for me as my monitors are already @ max resolution.

NB to Steinberg:

A. This is definitely a -bug-. I can’t think of another program I have that does this. It is completely reproduceable.

  1. Windows goes to sleep… or I turn off the monitor(s) (using 2 monitors in extended mode).
  2. Windows wakes up, or I turn on the monitors.
  3. Try to exit Cubase. Close program modal dialog off screen upper left.
  4. 50% of the time, the app has ‘forgotten’ it’s screen size. ie. I usually have Cubase ‘non-maximised’ but stretched across the entire 2 monitors.

B. I’m pretty sure this has been happening -occasionally- with 6.02, but now it happens 100% of the time with the 6.04 ‘beta’. How does one roll back to 6.02?

C. I contacted SB Support and filled out the form. (BTW: having to fill out that long-ass form -every- time is insulting—especially since you already have my SB Key and so on. Why not just store that info -once-. It’s like you -want- to make reports as onerous as possible.) The ‘suggestion’ I got back 2 days later was (I summarise): “Trash your entire Cubase 6 data folder.” I don’t know where to start in ranting about what a crap solution that is. And what kills me is that, every time I have to contact SB I get an automated ‘How are we doing?’ survey from Yamaha… which means -nothing-.

So… thanks for Sheepdog!

SB: How many owners will it take to get decent support? (There’s a joke in there somewhere.)


How does one roll back to 6.02?

Ctrl Panel/Programs & Features/View installed updates. Uninstall 6.04 update.

Well, I rolled back to 6.02 and if anything the situation is now -worse-. Now, -any- modal dialog (like when one instantiates a new VSTi and it asks for a channel)… or even hitting ‘Help|About’ goes off screen.

If it were not for ‘Sheepdog’ I’d be screwed.

Anyone else running into this?

I now realise that it started when I upgraded my mobo a few months ago from a 1st gen Sandybridge to a Z68. I don’t get it. Same video. Same hard drives.