Win 7 - no other programs emit sound

Hi all,

I haven’t been around for a while, as my DAW became quite antiquated. BUT NOW… I am up and running with Windows 7 (64) and Nuendo 6 (64) and a handful of questions.

The first is… after shutting down Nuendo and trying to play a mix with Media Player, I realized that no other program will play any sound to the sound card (RME FireFace 800). Any idea why that is? This never happened on any PC (desktop or notebook), and I have had Nuendo 5 on Windows 7 on notebooks already. So this is odd.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Control Panel-Sound-Playback, choose device, set as default.

Same here withmy RME-AES 32, and firewire 400… the new driver make it better but … the problem came back… Lame

Whenever I install new/update RME drivers I have to reset the ‘default playback device’ for Windows itself.

As well as resetting the default state in TotalMix.