win 7 or win 8 for cubase

Hi people. I’m about to move away from OSX into WIN. how are you’re experiences with using Cubase 7 in win 7 and 8? I’m a bit uncertain if i should move over to 8 or give it some time. Some say its a huge difference using 8 compared to 7. Some say other way around. I read somewhere that you gain 20% efficiency with 8. true or false? I’m real curios.

Cheers in advance

Hej person;)

W7x64 is working well…

Dunno about W8…

Dont have the money or nerve to upgrade to 8 at this time… My system is working, and well, u know;)

Well. Thats sounds good. I expect my new computer to arrive on wednesday. Will be hell on earth to get back into win again. But i get win 7x64 to go with this. Les see how that performs for me. Im gonna cry rivers tho for my channelstrips. But i guess i just have to make new ones.

Either one will be fine. There is no detectable performance improvement by using Win 8, that I know of.

In the near future, however, Steinberg will start adding touch features to Cubase, like Cakewalk did with Sonar X2a (and it’s pretty awesome…) So IMHO Win 8 with a touch screen would make more sense. Or you could upgrade later.