Win 8 graphics

Hello friends,
I am looking for a reasonable graphics card to run in my desktop cubase set up using Win 8.
My current card cant do the win 8 resolution of minimum

1366 x 768

Dual Monitors, 64 bit Win, Asus 6pt Mobo 12 gig

Huh, if you can run dual monitors, how do you not reach that minimum res???

Should have said my max resolution is 1280 x1024 my current card is Nvidea geoforce 7600 GS. I updated the drivers.

I am rubbish at this stuff never played a game since my Spectrum :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, my DAW system is set up to dual-boot between Windows 7 and Windows 8. My NVIDIA GTX 570 worked fine on Windows 8 with the drivers bundled with the operating system, but when I installed the latest Windows 8-certified drivers from, my computer began blue-screening on cold boots, 100% of the time. (It would blue screen, then automatically restart, and then eventually Win 8 would load.)

Windows 7 worked fine with the same drivers. I fixed the problem by just replacing my card with an ATI I had laying around. I’ve seen other people complaining about Win 8 blue screens on NVIDIA recently, so just something to keep in mind. (Hate to say it because I generally prefer NVIDIA to ATI/AMD.)

I had some similar issues with my netbook. OK so its not a good netbook an Acer Apsire one 270, and I pushed it a little with a registry tweak to increase its resolution. i then downoaded win 8 on to it and tried ot use an app. After this it just recycled between loading and crashing over and over. I went back to Win starter for this.

I was asking for trouble really, I only use it for word processing and its a fine little netbook for that.

People should know that when you try to download win 8 from the MS site there is a useful compatibility exe file (you dont have to purchase to get it just start to purchase).

Win 8 seems to have a few compatibility issues at present… only to be expected

I have w8, it works well

But. I have an ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card. And when I updated the driver suite I had problems.

Either Windows or The New driver for the card didn’t recognise the true resolution of monitor 2 (my 19"), assigned it a generic non plug and play driver ?

graphics card still new the monitors proper name but locked its resolution to what was in fact a lower capability. I couldn’t solve this so restored my system, and its working ok on older W7 drivers ( but with no access to ‘Catalyst’ the driver suite software), but hey… its working so I’m leaving it.

the Blue screen of death is a little more user friendly in W8 though… it depicts a sad face :frowning:, and tells you there’s a serious problem, and tells you how what seemed to cause it. so at least you have a chance at troubleshooting, a big improvement on the screen full of info then a shutdown…

I wonder if some of these issues are caused not by the graphics card but by the monitors? I understand from my son, a MS professional that I shall have to upgrade both my card and my dual monitors. I am no expert on this so I speak with full ignorance f the tech issues.

Assuming your monitors support 1024x768 resolution at 32-bit color depth (and they almost certainly do), you will not have to replace your monitors.

But this resolution is not sufficient for Win 8???

It is if you have 2 :slight_smile:
Those 2 monitors simply extend eachother.

The stated minimum screen resolution for Windows 8 is 1024x768. In fact I just tested this out. Here’s a screenshot at that resolution:

1366x768 is a very common resolution for low-end HD TVs and laptops.

Where and how are you being notified that you need 1366x768 resolution?

That’sw funny I just run the windows 8 upgrade assistant and it is telling me

“your screen resolution is not compatible with Snap you need to change your resolution to at least 1366 x768” which I cant do with my current graphics card - Nvidia geforce 7600gs (updated drivers).

Okay, “Snap” is an optional feature that lets you pop metro-style apps to the side of your screen, and THAT feature does require 1366x768. You can still definitely run Windows 8 at 1024x768 resolution; you just wouldn’t be able to use that Snap feature.

In any case, literally any dual-monitor capable ATI or NVIDIA card on the market today will support that resolution. Unless your monitors are very old, they should support it too.

EDIT: You know… it seems like your 7600 GS should support that resolution too. Windows usually only presents you with resolutions that are compatible with your monitor. What is the make/model of your monitors? I’m wondering if that’s the real limiting factor? Also, I saw a photo of a 7600 card that showed it had 3 connectors: S-Vido, VGA, and DVI. Which connectors are you currently using for your setup?

this seems odd to me, oner resolution for this bit of win 8 another bit in another resolution. I dont disbeleive but its odd.
When I tried out win 8 on an Acer aspire netbook one 270 I have I open an app and windows crumbled, I had to take it off. I beleive apps require a high resolution and without them no metro.
Neovo F 419’s.

thanks for the input