Win10 Creators Update tip (to Correct SeL Error)

FYI: I just updated Win10 to the new Creators Update, one problem came up with the eLicencer program that’s easy to fix.

Note: This only apples if you have a Soft-eLicencer listed in your eLicencers.

When starting CB9 after the Win10 update it gave me an error stating that there was a problem with the Soft-eLicenser that is unrecoverable and that I needed to contact support to fix it. I run CB9 Pro so it does not use the Soft-eLicencer and starts up fine after closing the error message, but the startup error message is annoying.

If you get this error just right click on the stand-alone eLiceneser program icon and select “Run As…” (or Run as Administrator). The program will run and resolve the issue.

Thanks for the tip!

This is a good tip. But for forum search purposes I suggest that the OP edit the thread subject to describe more precisely what the tip is for.

Something like… “Win 10, Tip to Correct SeL Error”.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Prock, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve updated the subject line.