[Win10] Mixer Window Overlap

When I open the mixer window, which is set to full screen, it overlaps a little on to my second screen. It isn’t a major issue, but it never did this before.

screen shot pls, and also check the gc settings

gc settings?

Here are the screenshots… Take a look at the top right hand corner (overlap 1 & 3). Note the white stripe on the left hand side of the mixer (overlap 2).


This is a known issue, already discussed here on the forum in other thread. It seems this comes more often with the latest Windows update, but it happened time to time before already.

On my side, it helps to close and reopen the window.

Hey Martin.
Resizing the windows also works (grabbing the bottom of the window). Unfortunately i can’t do that with the mixer window because it’s set to full screen.

But, I’m sure it’ll get sorted soon.

Thanks for the replies