Win10 start menu problem

Anyone here using Win10 have the problem with the start menu & notifications pop-up to stop working?

I found a temporary fix using step 4 only using this Reinstall Windows apps-

It fixes the the problem but also removes my Cubase Controller Lane presets.
The problem eventually re-occurs.

Anyone know the cause & fix for this problem?



i have had this issue on 2 of my windows 10 machines. i used this website to fix it

if you look down the page to the section titled: How to fix the Start menu and Cortana in Windows 10: Use the Command Line

i followed those instructions and this worked for me .

Good Luck.

looks like you have already tried what i suggested. However, for me this has been a permanent fix.

Never on my DAW but it kept happening on my internet PC!

After much re-setting, re-installing and forum searching I did eventually find a little script file that fixed it perfectly but soon after that my SSD died taking that file with it.
The issue hasn’t resurfaced since so I haven’t tried to re-find it.

I’ll take a look at some search results a bit later and see if anything rings a bell…there were a lot of bits of advice and reg-edits I tried before finding this that did not work!!

Thanks for all the responses.
That fix I’m using is temporary & I’m finding other Cubase presets getting deleted as well.
If there’s any other possible solutions or it gets ever fixed please post back.