Win10 Update => WL9.40 sudden death

Hey PG,

since the last forced Win10 Update I am having serious problems with WL (and Cubase10 also).
This results in Systemcrashes without any cause (sudden death) and when using the Batch -the unability to close/write the files (freezing while finishing).
I havent changed anything on the system (new Plugins etc.) and I havent had any problems before.

I don`t know if there is a crashlog being written in case of sudden death.
Would you please look into this topic?

P.S.: It`s not possible to suppress the WindowsUpdates anymore…and I hate it! :imp:

Thanx and cheers!

Hi …

Something similar happened to me recently.

Check your soundcard settings. Buffer size. Somehow, the update reset my RME AIO card buffer to 256 This caused drop out and random sudden exit when playing back.

Hope this helps.