Win10 - very annoying UI Problem

Hi All,
i’m playing with Cubase 10.5 Element ( Win 10 ) because i’m thinking of migrate from Reaper.
I have some graphic problems: every time i show/hide the “Lower Zone” i noticed big graphic refresh issues… Cubase windows often appears completely black and the graphics only appears on mouse over or if I open and close some other menu.
it is only my problem? any suggestions to solve it?

Cubase is running on:

  • Dell XPS 9570 laptop with GeForce GTX 1050 Ti


Could be your graphics driver or could be the windows 10 may 2004 update if it is installed.

I have not heard of that problem before.

thanks! i will check if all of my drivers are updated.

it sounds weird, but after updating win10 to 2004 version and updating geforce drivers it seems the problem is gone.

Try deleting preferences. Corrupt Preferences causing weird issues is a very common problem in cubase