win10pro, accuracy of mouse cursor hits in cubase buttons

Who noticed on Win10pro ?
After one of the windows updates, something bad happened in Cubase 10.5.2 pro.
Now if you try to turn on/off the plugin in the console (F3),
then you will push the button (edit plugin open) next to the right.
Or, if you activate send, the mouse really turns on pre/post.
It’s as if some invisible hit matrix has shifted.
The mouse cursor is visually above the desired button -
but still continues to control the active area of the button next to it.
Also, it is very difficult to sign channels in the console - the first letter is not always visible, it is “under” the input window on the left.

I have a 4K monitor 49’ and a system scaling of 100%,
The text scaling is enabled (125 - 130%), otherwise text is very small.

But, if the text scaling to put 100%, the described trouble is not.
But then everything is very difficult to read.

How to overcome, what to do?


Is it the same as described here?

Yes, thanks!
Of course, the white vertical stripe on the left is exactly what makes it a problem.
And I thought it had to do with text scaling. I thought wrong.
So what can we do about it?


Unfortunately there is no workaround for now. You have to wait for Microsoft or Steinberg fix.