Win7 64 bit Euphonix MC Control, Mc transport, Cubase 7.5,

Hello, I need help to do the Running Cubase 7.5, adapter Eucon, Euphonix MC Control V2 year 2011, Euphonix Transport.
I work on Windows 7 64 bit platform,
When I select from “Settings Device” EUCON, a window appears that says “The available EuCon adapter is incompatible with this application.”

I have tried to solve the problem by downloading the adapter from My Stemberg with the license, I installed the EuCon software, which I downloaded from the Avid website, version 3.1 win 64 bit (not working), then I tried with the version 2.7 win 64 bit (does not work).

What can I do?


Do you have the EuCon license installed on your Steinberg Key?

You have to log into your MySteinberg account an register your Euphonix/AVID hardware serial numbers. Once you have done that… Steinberg will send you an email with the proper code to enter into the ELicenser Control Center, which will install the EuCon license onto your Steinberg Key!

I’m using Eucontrol ver. 3.01, as opposed to 3.1, and all is working fine here!


Hi… Cubase 7.5 has an installation option for the latest Eucon adapter. Re-run your Cubase 7.5 installer and you should see it on the menu.